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Miami National Golf Club


Miami National Golf Club
Closed - 18 Holes
2601 NW 119th Street
Miami, Florida
Miami-Dade County


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In 1924 the South Florida Golf and Country Club had built an elaborate clubhouse and planned to build 9 holes which opened on January 1, 1926. The course was barely open due to weather issues and the course was renovated.

It re-opened on December 19, 1926 as Golf Park Golf and Country Club with 9 holes designed by Herbert Charles Tippett.

Golf Park Golf and Country Club closed for good in the spring of 1927.

Golf Park Golf and Country Club was purchased by the Miami Beach Cabana and Golf Club in June 1935 which turned the clubhouse into a casino with reports stating that Al Capone ran the place.

During WWII, the Navy used the facility.

In 1948, the Westview Country Club leased the grounds and buildings.

In 1955, Mark Mahannah Sr. renovated the golf course which was known as the Westview Country Club.

Mark Mahannah Sr. designed 9 more holes which opened in 1956 for the Westview Country Club.

In 1999, the Westview Country Club purchased the land outright and hired Kip Schultes for renovations that were completed in early 2001.

The course was sold on May 1, 2011 and was reopened in the fall of 2011 as the Miami National Golf Club.

Miami National Golf Club closed in 2012.

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